Kala (livingblind) wrote in cinematicverses,

running through alleyways with our wrists open wide.
screaming something of hope taken from the children, and lives served on platters for five cents a piece.
give me salvation and love for my money.
give these bones something to live for, give my heart a reason to keep beating.
show me the floor at the bottom of the ocean, show me the drop from the top of this cliff.
give me the life it takes to walk a mile in your shoes and give me death to appreciate it.
let your hands cover my wrists and love me regardless of my name.
show me that i have a shot in hell to be better than this.
show me that this was never as bad as i thought it was.
and for once, love me without reason and touch me because you want to.
give me a reason to live and a life to appreciate.
because i'd rather die than live like this.
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