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Reality swept under beautiful mattresses, held down tight by fears that it will escape. By the tears that keep us locked up for days and by the smiles that quickly leave our faces.
If it weren't for us they say - if it weren't for them we say.
And they don't know why we never smile more than we must, and they can't imagine that we'd cry behind locked doors and open our skin to only bleed the life we've left.
And they can't imagine that love could carry us away.
And they never will.
And they won't ever see us drinking to an oblivion that we can never find.
And they won't ever see us falling on our back porches while sitting in broken chairs and smiling because it is only then that we can. It is only then that we make peace for the hours it takes to stay alive.
And we keep ourselves under these beautiful mattresses and hope that someone will use us, find comfort in our beauty and fall like we wish we could.
Fall like we never will.
And they never will
And we never will
And reality is only what we keep locked up.
And reality is what we're running from while we sit in our broken chairs, freezing, hoping that daylight will never come. Hoping that maybe it will warm up. Hoping that someone will use us tonight. Finding comfort in the oblivion we can never find and all the while living our life through the fall it takes to get there. Living through the blood it takes to feel.
Living through our dreams that will never be real.
Because reality is what's under our skin.
Because im suffocating under here
Because Im dying without this
Because I am dying with it.
And our mattresses will never be used.
And our hearts left no more than broken
And they never will
Because we can't.
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